Simple & Meaningful

The One Year Seasonal Clock. What food is in season, and what food to plant, for every month of the year. A beautiful addition the home that aims to connect the home to more sustainable food practices.


Our mission statement is: “To connect people to more sustainable food practices in the home.” This flows onto everything we do. From the renewable materials that we use, the plant based finishing oil that seals our timber, even our packaging.

Everything about the design, manufacture and use of our products centres on sustainability.


Different regions have different seasons, which mean we have to make a custom Seasonal Clock for each region it’s sold in!

The integrity of our product is incredibly important to us. Every care is taken to ensure that the information we communicate in our products is correct, allowing you to effortlessly connect to more sustainable food practices.

Australian Made

Quality comes first. All our products are made right here in Melbourne. By overseeing the manufacturing, assembly, finishing and packaging right here where we are based, we can assure the greatest of care was taken to deliver the highest quality.


If you like what we’re about, stay in touch to receive all the latest updates. We’ll post when we’re attending farmer’s markets, update you regarding improvements we have made and share our general progress. Sharing quality, enjoyable content in the world of sustainability and clever product design!

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